Abraham Lincoln

The Illinois House passed a bill that would make Juneteenth a state holiday. If signed by Governor Pritzker, it will take effect immediately.
/ May 28, 2021
George Floyd thegrio.com
News of Floyd’s murder reenactment came from a press release pitch, but CrimeDoor officials said it wouldn’t be featured on the app.
/ April 9, 2021
Rep. Jim Clyburn thegrio.com
Rep. Jim Clyburn told CNN’s Don Lemon that he hopes to make “Lift Every Voice and Sing” the U.S. national hymn.
/ February 12, 2021
From the bibles used for swearing-in to memorable performances, inauguration, which signifyies America’s transition power is one of splendor.
/ January 20, 2021
Will Donald Trump’s attempt to wrest a won presidency from Joe Biden find real resistance in Congress this week? We’ll certainly know soon.
/ January 4, 2021
Trump Biden theGrio.com
President Donald Trump responded to being called the “first racist president” by again comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln.
/ July 23, 2020
Abraham Lincoln Impersonator theGrio.com
The Chicago Transit Authority thought it was honoring Black History Month by retweeting photos of a man dressed as Abraham Lincoln on Wednesday.
/ February 14, 2020