Atlanta Recap

Atlanta’s new episode may be a big metaphor for Donald Glover’s experience in Hollywood. Also maybe not? But Goofy is Stepin Fetchit
/ October 28, 2022
Paper Boi dodges bullets in a mall while Darius and Earn consider doing an uncomfortable act to get a pair of sneakers. 
/ October 13, 2022
Finally, an episode about Van. This season has focused on the guys in the crew, with Van always off in the corner of the plot, never central.
/ May 19, 2022
Now that we’re 9/10th of the way through “Atlanta’s” third season, it’s clear we’re witnessing one of the greatest seasons in TV history.
/ May 12, 2022
In a show filled with weird episodes that deviate from TV norms, this episode, “New Jazz,” may be the weirdest one of them all.
/ May 5, 2022
OPINION: In another episode that departs from the world of the four main characters, the show explore white parents struggling to interact in the world of a Trinidadian nanny who’s like a second mother to their son.
/ April 28, 2022
Atlanta FX theGrio
What if you could personally profit from racism? Would you? I’m not talking about reparations for the entire community. I’m […]
/ April 21, 2022
What if “Atlanta” did a whodunit episode? Something that plays on the tropes of police investigators interrogating a suspect.
/ April 14, 2022
Atlanta FX theGrio
Episode 4, “The Big Payback” is one of the best Atlanta episodes of all time, up there with “Teddy Perkins,” “Barbershop,” and “B.A.N.”
/ April 7, 2022
The gang is back in episode three, “The Old Man and the Tree.” The title is a take-off on Hemingway’s novel, “The Old Man and the Sea.”
/ March 31, 2022
Atlanta FX theGrio
The best show on television is back for season 3 with an episode that’s bizarre even by “Atlanta” standards.
/ March 24, 2022
Donald Glover
Writer Dustin Seibert explains why the season 2 finale of ‘Atlanta’ tops off a glorious week for Donald Glover with his host/musical guest appearance on SNL and his “This is America” video that turned into a viral sensation.
/ May 11, 2018
Writer Dustin Seibert tries to wrap his head around how dark Season 2 of Atlanta has gotten. Read his recap of the latest episode that takes viewers back to Earn’s middle school days.
/ May 4, 2018
Atlanta cast dances to TLC's 'Creep'
The cast of Atlanta shows off their best dance moves in this deleted scene showing them getting their groove on to TLC’s hit, “Creep.”
/ April 30, 2018
Earn Atlanta
Earn’s well-intended-yet-tragic managerial decisions had to catch up with him at some point in ‘Atlanta’ series. “North of the Border” is the episode for it.
/ April 27, 2018
Paper Boi Atlanta
You know how Al’s (Brian Tyree Henry) funky attitude is one of the most charming aspects of Atlanta? Well, this episode is all about putting a kibosh on it. Which might be a bit scary for fans.
/ April 20, 2018
Zazie Beetz
There’s no better show on air right now than Atlanta to poke fun at the utterly asinine practice of social media stuntin’, and the “Champagne Papi” episode put the practice on full blast.
/ April 13, 2018