Daunte Wright

The woman who was in Daunte Wright’s vehicle when he was fatally shot by police in a Minneapolis suburb last year is suing the city and the…
/ August 2, 2022
The city of Brooklyn Center will pay the family $3.25 million and has also agreed to change policing policies and improve training.
/ June 22, 2022
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, has renamed its convention center, removing the name of an early resident who supported racist ideologies.
/ June 22, 2022
The mother of Daunte Wright, who was killed by a police officer, said she was injured when an officer detained her after she stopped to record an arrest.
/ May 6, 2022
The 72-page report also found that police arrested and used force against people of color at a much higher rate than whites.
/ April 28, 2022
Daunte Wright’s mother says the death of her son has turned her into an activist as the family seeks an appeal.
/ April 12, 2022
Judge Regina Chu got emotional as she talked about officers risking their lives every single day in public service:
/ February 18, 2022
The former suburban Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright was sentenced Friday to two years in prison.
/ February 18, 2022
The Rev. Al Sharpton was among the service speakers who paid tribute to Amir Locke and other Blacks who’ve died in police encounters.
/ February 18, 2022
Kim Potter, the officer who killed Daunte Wright, is scheduled to be sentenced Friday on charges of first- and second-degree manslaughter.
/ February 16, 2022
“We felt she made a mistake,” the unnamed juror revealed, “and that a mistake does not absolve you from the fact she did commit a crime.”
/ December 30, 2021
Daunte Wright Kimberly Potter
Mistake or manslaughter was a recurring theme throughout the trial of former Brooklyn Center police officer Kimberly Potter.
/ December 24, 2021
We have not begun needed work for justice in policing, but hopefully convictions will send shockwaves through America’s police departments.
/ December 23, 2021
Former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter has been found guilty of manslaughter in the death of 20-year-old motorist Daunte Wright.
/ December 23, 2021
Kim Potter is on trial for killing Daunte Wright and police experts say she made mistakes in what should have been a routine arrest.
/ December 21, 2021
Kim Potter Daunte Wright thegrio.com
Prosecutors rebuffed defense attorney arguments that Wright was at least partly responsible for his own demise.
/ December 21, 2021
Former officer Kim Potter took the stand Friday at her manslaughter trial in the shooting death of Black motorist Daunte Wright.
/ December 17, 2021