Democratic Primary

Pittsburgh is on the way to officially electing its first Black mayor as Ed Gainey, a five-term Pennsylvania state representative,

/ May 30, 2021

WASHINGTON (AP) — Joe Biden swept to easy victories in Florida and Illinois on Tuesday, increasingly pulling away with a

Kweisi Mfume

Kweisi Mfume and Kimberly Klacik won their respective party nominations to fill the seat left vacant by the passing of

/ February 6, 2020
Cory Booker

Cory Booker said a looming impeachment trial and other pressing issues in Washington could deal a "big, big blow" to

/ January 9, 2020
Bernie Sanders

Increasingly alarmed that Bernie Sanders could become their party's presidential nominee, establishment-minded Democrats are warning primary voters.

/ January 8, 2020
Julian Castro

The 2020 Democratic presidential primary initially featured the most racially diverse field in history. Now, the top tier of candidates

/ January 3, 2020
Juilan Castro

Julián Castro on Thursday ended his run for president that pushed the 2020 field on immigration and swung hard at

/ January 2, 2020