House Speaker

Republican Kevin McCarthy was elected House speaker on a historic post-midnight 15th ballot early Saturday.
/ January 7, 2023
The problem with today’s GOP is that they actually believe Black people are replaceable — or more likely, interchangeable. 
/ January 6, 2023
On the third straight day of votes in the U.S. House of Representatives to select the speaker of the House […]
/ January 5, 2023
Kevin McCarthy’s fate lies in the hands of Republican lawmakers who are slated to convene and vote on the next speaker of the House
/ January 3, 2023
The Maine House of Representatives elected Democrat Rachel Talbot Ross, a Black lawmaker from Portland, as speaker on Wednesday.
/ December 8, 2022
“It is tragic that this step is necessary,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “but the chamber of the People’s House must and will be safe.”
/ January 14, 2021
Jones’ spot, which begins after he’s sworn in, is reportedly the “most influential role available to a freshman member of Congress.”
/ November 20, 2020