jail prison

 An Illinois law aimed at ending federal immigration detention in the New Year has hit another legal snag, delaying a

/ January 2, 2022
Mayor Deqa Dhalac

The city of South Portland, Maine, which is 90 percent white, elected its first Somalia-born mayor on Monday.  “I’m…really proud

/ December 8, 2021
immigration activist

Every few months, it seems there’s a new group of immigrants arriving from a different country, be it Haiti, Cuba,

/ September 30, 2021

Twenty years after 9/11, Sekou Siby still feels the pangs of survivor’s guilt. A cook and dishwasher at the World

/ September 12, 2021

The young man wore red-and-white-soled sneakers for what proved to be his fatal final journey. The shoes were still on

/ May 23, 2021
American Conservative Union Holds Annual Conference In Florida

Donald Trump is not impressed with how Joe Biden is running the country. Per TMZ, Trump attended a wedding on

/ March 29, 2021

Retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor, President Donald Trump‘s recent nominee to West Point’s advisory board, has been known to spread

/ December 13, 2020