Keyon Harrold Jr.

SoHo Karen Harrold

During an interview on “CBS This Morning” with Gayle King, the parents of Keyon Harrold Jr. open up regarding their

/ January 11, 2021
Miya Ponsetto

Miya Ponsetto, dubbed “Soho Karen,” appeared for her first court date on Saturday over her alleged attack of a teenager

/ January 10, 2021
Miya Ponsetto

Miya Ponsetto aka “SoHo Karen” has had numerous run-ins with the law this year, and she has a history of

/ January 9, 2021
Miya Ponsetto Keyon Harrold Jr.,

Miya Ponsetto, the California woman known as “SoHo Karen” for falsely accusing a Black teen of stealing her cell phone

/ January 7, 2021
Miya Ponsetto Keyon Harrold Jr.,

In a new development, “SoHo Karen” made a new claim in regards to her behavior after losing her iPhone. Read

/ January 6, 2021
Keyon Harrold Jr. Crump Miya Ponsetto

Miya Ponsetto is still free after she was captured on video attacking a 14-year-old Black teenager – but she won’t

/ January 5, 2021
Karen Arlo Harrold

Miya Ponsetto, the woman captured in a viral video wrongly accusing a 14-year-old Black teenager of stealing her iPhone, has

/ January 4, 2021