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A former Louisville cop who shot at someone the night that authorities fatally targeted YaYa’s BBQ owner David McAtee has been charged.
/ March 18, 2022
Herron, who was integral to getting no-knock warrants banned in Louisville, is Kentucky’s first openly LGBTQ state representative.
/ March 14, 2022
Black leaders in Louisville convened on March 11 to discuss local efforts against systemic racism before the anniversary of Taylor’s death.
/ March 13, 2022
None of the bullets Brett Hankison fired hit Taylor, but they nearly struck others in a neighboring apartment.
/ March 3, 2022
Only former Louisville detective Brett Hankison was charged in connection with the rounds that entered the home of Taylor’s neighbor.
/ March 2, 2022
Facing trial is Brett Hankison, one of three Louisville, Kentucky police, officers who shot and killed Taylor in her own home in 2020.
/ February 1, 2022
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They “took a total of thirty-two shots” at Taylor “when the provided circumstances made it unsafe to take a single shot,” the probe read.
/ May 10, 2021