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Billboard Women In Music 2019 Presented By YouTube Music
Thee Stallion revealed that her partnership with FashionNova will donate to the foundation on the one-year-anniversary of Taylor’s death.
/ March 13, 2021
Louisville Prepares For Possible Unrest As Grand Jury Decision In Breonna Taylor Case Nears
Tamika Palmer opened up about her daughter’s violent death in a recent interview with NBC News’ Blayne Alexander.
/ March 10, 2021
Breonna Taylor Kenneth Walker thegrio.com
The charges against Kenneth Walker, Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, included assault and attempted murder of a police officer after the raid.
/ March 5, 2021
Breonna Taylor Sculpture Vandalized www.theGrio.com
A sculpture erected in the memory of Breonna Taylor was vandalized and the artist labeled it an act of “racist aggression.”
/ December 28, 2020
Ryan Nichols Breonna Taylor thegrio.com
The Louisville police union president declared that the cops had reason to pull the trigger in Breonna Taylor’s shooting.
/ October 29, 2020
Brett Hankison, Breonna Taylor theGrio.com
The lone Kentucky detective facing charges related to the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor pleaded not guilty Monday.
/ September 28, 2020
Louisville Reacts After Cop Charged With Wanton Endangerment In Breonna Taylor's Death
Breonna Taylor’s mother stated that the law was not meant to protect her daughter or other Black women after the grand jury decision.
/ September 25, 2020