Conservative Candace Owens was trending on Twitter after a private COVID testing service denied her service for spreading misinformation.
/ September 2, 2021
COVID-19 vaccine
A new study conducted by Brilliant Corners concludes Black Americans are less likely to get the COVID-19 vaccine due to misinformation.
/ March 15, 2021
A host of doctors are frantically working overtime on the invitation-only app to try to combat rampant misinformation about the vaccines.
/ February 12, 2021
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg And News Corp CEO Robert Thomson Debut Facebook News
Facebook to remove posts making false claims about COVID-19 vaccines. They promise to also educate people on the vaccine.
/ February 9, 2021
Trump thegrio.com
A new study has found that misinformation regarding election fraud has dropped 73 percent after several social media sites suspended Trump
/ January 17, 2021
The ultra-conservative Trump fave One America News Network broke YouTube rules with a clip boasting a “guaranteed cure” for COVID-19.
/ November 25, 2020
Donald Trump thegrio.com
The social media giants are pushing back against President Donald Trump and his constant spread of misinformation during the election.
/ November 4, 2020
Despite the deadly spread of Ebola through the African nation, there is a large group of people who believe that no such disease exists and it is only a government conspiracy
/ April 1, 2019