Nikole Hannah-Jones

Remember when Don Lemon was accused of spreading “unadulterated racism” because he said white men are the biggest terror threat in America?
/ May 17, 2022
The UNC system threatens academic freedom through political interference and institutional racism, according to a new report.
/ May 2, 2022
One of the things that infuriates me about most Hollywood versions of Black history is how they cast crotchety, old white dudes as racists. 
/ April 8, 2022
There’s a debate that’s been raging on my Twitter timeline, and I need to get some thoughts out that aren’t in bite-sized pieces.
/ March 25, 2022
Howard’s move comes as state legislators are banning books by Black authors and working to eliminate the teaching of critical race theory.
/ February 28, 2022
If one were to view the history of Black people in America through a “racial lens,” you wouldn’t start with the British colonies…or even white people.
/ February 24, 2022
Peacock's New Series "BEL-AIR" Premiere Party And Drive-Thru Screening Experience - Red Carpet And Inside
The NAACP Image Awards are officially here. All week, the non-televised awards will be handed out virtually in the five days leading up…
/ February 22, 2022