T.J. Ducklo, who served on President Joe Biden‘s staff since 2019, has resigned his White House post one day after
/ February 14, 2021
Just seven months into his role as the dean of students at the University of Alabama, Jamie R. Riley has resigned from his position after some of his past tweets, which criticized the American flag and the often turbulent relationship between police officers and the Black community, were unveiled by ultra-conservative news site Breitbart News.
/ September 8, 2019
LeBron James
Magic Johnson’s surprise resignation as the President of the Los Angeles Lakers was a surprise to Lebron James.
/ April 11, 2019
Governor Ralph Northam
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam stated he will not heed calls to resign because he does not believe he is either one of the individuals in black face or in a KKK uniform in his yearbook
/ February 2, 2019
Dana W. White
The house of cards seems to have come crashing down for one top Pentagon spokeswoman who resigned on New Year’s
/ January 1, 2019
Jennifer Pena
Vice President Mike Pence’s physician has abruptly resigned.
/ May 5, 2018
It was all just “satire.” That’s what Dayanna Volitich, a Florida middle school teacher, called her white supremacist podcast. To
/ April 2, 2018