stimulus checks

The IRS did not reveal how many payments will be sent out by Wednesday but additional payments issues would be received.
/ March 23, 2021
Government officials said Friday that a new round of stimulus checks is being processed and could show up in bank accounts this weekend.
/ March 13, 2021
Clyburn said he is ‘very hopeful’ that Americans could receive the $1,400 direct payments in Biden’s COVID-19 relief package by next week.
/ March 9, 2021
President Joe Biden and Democrats agreed Wednesday to tighten the upper-income limits at which people could qualify for stimulus checks.
/ March 3, 2021
Several Senate Democrats are urging Biden to support regular direct relief payments for millions of Americans.
/ March 2, 2021
2020 tax returns could impact eligibility for coronavirus relief payments should the government pass a new bill.
/ February 15, 2021
Sen. Joe Manchin
President-elect Joe Biden has been pushing for a $2K stimulus check but Sen. Joe has come out against the plan.
/ January 8, 2021