Rapper Remy Ma debunks Twitter death rumors

If you leave it up to Twitter, every celebrity would be killed off…twice. Rapper Remy Ma called into DJ Funk Master Flex radio show on New York’s Hot 97 to confront the false rumors of her own demise. The incarcerated artist, who’s real name is Reminisce Smith, became a trending topic on the popular social media website after rumors began circulating that she had been killed while serving her 8-year jail sentence for assault. MTV has the full story:

Every now and then Twitter inexplicably takes down celebrities. On Monday, incarcerated New York rapper Remy Ma began trending worldwide after rumors circulated that she had been killed in prison. Monday night the former Fat Joe collaborator called into DJ Funkmaster Flex’s radio show on New York’s Hot 97 and put the vicious rumor to rest.

“I’m good. I heard I was dead and all type of craziness,” Remy told Flex over the phone.

When the DJ asked Rem what sparked the rumor, she said she had absolutely no clue. “I don’t know. People are crazy. They have nothing to do with their lives sometimes and they just say things and it gets out of control and other people say it and I don’t know,” she tried to explain. “I just know they were looking for me crazy all throughout the prison and I was happy I wasn’t out of pocket.”

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