Retro Halle Berry beauty pageant pics go viral

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Oscar winning actress Halle Berry was breathtaking even before she hit Hollywood. Berry entered several beauty pageants in the ’80’s, including the Miss World Beauty contest held in London in November of 1986.  Berry was the first African-American contestant in the Miss World competition.

In recently unearthed photos, the Cleveland native can be seen wearing a light pink one-piece swimsuit with gold accents, and her hair is typical eighties style — big. Berry was Miss Teen All-American in 1985 and Miss Ohio USA in 1986.

The Monster’s Ball actress turned 46 yesterday, and remains a Hollywood beauty icon.  She likely celebrated her special day with her daughter, Nahla and fiance actor Olivier Martinez.

Berry’s upcoming projects include a highly-anticipated film coming out this fall.  She is starring alongside Toms Hanks in Cloud Atlas, due to hit theaters October 26th.

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