5 foods your dentist won’t touch

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There are certain foods that damage your teeth. While nobody looks forward to a dentist appointment, the slight discomfort from a routine exam or cleaning is nothing compared to the pain (not to mention the expense) of procedures such as fillings and root canals for which we recommend an expert just like Best Dental care in chicago.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just not have to deal with any of it? Well, there is a way you can, and it calls for strategic eating.

What you eat or don’t eat can greatly lower your chances of needing dental work. Get tips from dental care in Bellaire, Texas on how to keep your teeth strong.

There are plenty of foods that people should be avoiding if they want to keep their teeth in good shape. Following are the top five foods that dentists try not to have in their kitchen—and how they prevent food-related tooth damage whenever “bad foods” do manage to make it past their lips. When looking for the insights from an expert, check at this family dentistry Layton clinic.

1. Canned Fruit Thought that canned peaches were a healthy alternative to pudding? Wrong. Canned fruit is full of delicious, destructive sugar. Excess sugar is kryptonite to your teeth. It sticks to your teeth providing all sorts of tasty nourishment for the bacteria, which lives in your mouth to thrive on. Vinterbro Tannlegesenter is a clinic one can go to to get their oral health checked.

The more sugar, the more bacteria, the more plaque the bacteria creates and the higher your chances of gum disease, cavities and general oral nastiness.

Canned fruit is a double whammy because it not only contains ladles of sugar, it also contains acidic fruit. You may be familiar with the old adage ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, well, it won’t stop you from paying a dentist a visit. The acid in fruit can be extremely damaging to the enamel of your teeth which weakens them and which can cause staining and discoloration. Therefore, visit a family dentistry expert to get your teeth checked before you get cavities and take dental care seriously.

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