5 everyday habits that will steal your energy

How do you get, and keep, more energy throughout the day?

The average day for the average adult is filled with enough tasks and to-do’s to make it a challenge to keep their energy levels up so they can be more active throughout the day.

But even worse: many people are actually robbing themselves of energy, without even knowing it.

Such as…

Not Drinking Enough Water. Being dehydrated can slow you down. You can also stay hydrated by eating  fruit, vegetables, yogurt and/or soup.

Going Vegetarian/Vegan. Vitamin B12 is necessary for the growth of red blood cells, which help you sustain your energy. B12 helps boost energy,  and mainly comes from animal products. Some people become deficient when they give up certain B12 foods, particularly vegans.  If you’re B12 deficient, you may feel run-down and weak, a sore tongue, bleeding gums and an upset stomach. A blood test can tell you for sure if your B12 levels are low. In the meantime, look for supplements with 100 percent of the recommended daily value of B12 and try to eat fortified cereals as well as nutritional yeast.

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