Sweet Brown gives Charles Ramsey ‘thumbs up,’ dishes on new reality show

theGRIO VIDEO - During an interview with theGrio, internet sensation Sweet Brown, talked about Charles Ramsey and gave the inside scoop on her new reality TV show 'The Sweet Brown's'...

A year ago Sweet Brown became a YouTube celebrity after an interview she gave discussing a house fire became a viral sensation.

Since then the Oklahoma native has appeared in several TV commercials, and will soon star in Tyler Perry’s upcoming film A Madea Christmas.

During an interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon, Sweet Brown talked about her endeavor to take on Hollywood, and gave the inside scoop on her reality show.

She also weighed in on Charles Ramsey, the man from Cleveland who has been hailed as a hero for helping to facilitate the rescue of Amanda Berry.

Ramsey’s initial TV interview also went viral, and Sweet Brown weighed in on his new-found fame.

“One similarity that I see, is that we love people. We gon’ help people,” Sweet Brown said. “What Charles did was great. Because I have daughters and if my kids was missing that long I would want a good Samaritan to rescue my baby. Don’t leave me in the dark. Let me baby come home. So what Charles Ramsey did… I think it was a good thing; thumbs up, Charles.”

In December Sweet Brown will make her big screen debut in Tyler Perry’s film adaptation of his play, A Madea Christmas.

“We filmed it already,” Sweet Brown said. “Tyler is so awesome. He’s very awesome. I would love to work with him again. He just makes you feel at home.”

Next up, Sweet Brown has set her sights on reality TV. She’s started production on her reality show entitled The Sweet Brown’s, which she describes as “a fish out of water, rags to riches series, that’s a combination of The Jeffersons and The Beverly Hillbillies.”

“It’s gonna be hilarious. You’re gonna really crack up,” Sweet Brown says.

As if she’s not busy enough, Sweet Brown also has a few products coming out later this year, including a game application, cookbook, and a BBQ sauce called Oh Lord Jesus it’s a FIRE.

According to her agent, Sweet Brown will appear in a new movie alongside Gabrielle Union and Louis Gossett Jr. and also a comedy described as a female version of The Hangover.

Fans of Sweet Brown can follow her on Twitter @TeamSweetBrown.

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