Michael B. Jordan mentors 6 filmmakers at CinemaCon

Actor Michael B. Jordan understands that if you want to go far in your career, you must be willing to pay it back.

Jordan was chosen as the 2014 Sprite Films mentor to its student filmmaker finalists at CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week.

Six promising filmmakers were chosen by Sprite to make a name for themselves in the film industry with the unique opportunity to craft a short film from script-to-screen.

The Green Ribbon Panel Award winner’s short film will run in movie theaters across the country in August. Viewing and voting is now live at Sprite.com/films.

Sprite is providing a nationwide platform to shine a light on the aspiring filmmakers, and has introduced the student to Michael B. Jordan who offered advice based on his first-hand experience working in Hollywood.

“What’s a dream without action or a talent without a stage to set it free?” said Jordan. “Each year Sprite Films finds student filmmakers who have it – the fearlessness and dedication to pursue their passion for film – and supports them to grow their dreams on a national platform. I’m lending my support by meeting with the student finalists to share my story as an actor and what I have learned from my mentors.”

TheGrio caught up Jordan to discuss the importance of mentor ship in film and his upcoming role as the Human Torch.

Michael B. Jordan on working with Sprite Films

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Michael B. Jordan on playing the new Human Torch

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