Jackie Jackson on MJ hologram: ‘If Michael were here he would say thumbs up!’

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Jackie Jackson was only sibling of Michael Jackson on hand at the Billboard Awards Sunday night to see an MJ hologram perform the recently released “Slave to the Rhythm.”

Jackie Jackson tells Billboard he started to tear up as he recalled watching “Slave to Rhythm” in the audience.

“When he started walking and dancing, I was teary-eyed,” he said as he hugged the choreographers Rich and Tone Talauega. “It’s hard to please Michael’s fans and Michael… I’m telling you it’s amazing.”

In a statement to People, Jackie went as far as to say Michael would have approved of the hologram performance if he was still alive today.

“It took me back. If Michael were here he would say thumbs up!”

Did you watch the Michael Jackson performance on the Billboard Awards? What are your thoughts?

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