Aziz Ansari calls out Rupert Murdoch for being racist

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Actor and comedian Aziz Ansari has never been one to mince words. So on Sunday when News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch wrote what many considered to be an Islamophobic tweet about the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, Ansari mercilessly unleashed a war of words on him that left many stunned (and cheering him on).

It all started with this tweet:

To which Ansari responded:

Then he pointed out the hypocrisy of Murdoch holding all Muslims responsible for the acts of an extreme few, while not holding himself accountable for similar acts committed by his own fellow Christians.

Pretty soon, this Twitter rant started to get so much attention that the #RupertsFault hashtag was born.

Even though the comedian was born into a Muslim family originally from India, he himself does not follow the religion. He clarified that his anger was less about allegiance to Islam and more about being fed up with what he believed to be “ignorance” that Murdoch tends to spread.

If you have a moment, check out the #RupertsFault hashtag on Twitter. People are still using it to humorously mock the business tycoon for his careless words. So much so that Murdoch seems to be backpedaling on his original stance.

Ansari isn’t buying it though:

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