Larry Wilmore’s credo on Comedy Central’s new talk show, The Nightly Show, is “keeping it 100” — and it appears he is a man of his word.

Tuesday night, Wilmore told his audience his second show would deal with Bill Cosby and the multiple women who have come forward with stories that he raped them.

“We’re talking Cosby,” Wilmore announced at the top of his show.  “We’ll answer the question ‘Did he do it?’ The answer will be yes.”

The crowd roared in laughter, because it become clear that this was going to be an unflinching roast of the comic’s alleged wrong doing. However, when you look past the jokes, Wilmore made some valid  points about victim blaming.

To those dismissing the accusers, he asked

Is it just because they’re women? Because I would say enough have come forward. The current tally stands at 35 women. How many more do we need? That’s like if Bill Cosby drugged and raped every U.S. president from George Washington to John. F Kennedy.

Check out the full opening segment below.

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