Laurence Fishburne's 80-year-old mother alleges she's facing eviction because he's cut her off

Laurence Fishburne is a successful, critically acclaimed actor with roles on hit shows on both ABC and NBC, not to mention a part in the upcoming Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice film. 

Yet, his mother recently told the New York Post that she is broke and facing eviction because he refuses to reach out to her.

“He’s gone Hollywood.  For 20 years, I funded my son’s career. He promised me he would take care of me. … To this day, I have not got a Christmas present or a ‘Thank you, Mama’ present. He hasn’t given me a penny,” she told the newspaper.

Hattie Crawford Fishburne, 80, claims she’s being kicked out of her $1500 a month Los Angeles apartment due to overwhelming living expenses. She receives $3,000 a month from social security and her pension from years of teaching in public schools in Brooklyn and Los Angeles but is struggling to pay the medical bills from her arthritis, under-active thyroid, high cholesterol and injuries she sustained in a massive car crash.

Despite her attempts to reach out to her famous son, she says he hasn’t returned her calls in a year, and now, she faces being evicted from her home tomorrow, Tuesday the 31st.

This isn’t the first time Fishburne has estranged himself from a member of his immediate family. His daughter Montana has admitted he stopped speaking to her when she started appearing in porn videos. She was last reported to be working as a stripper in Texas.

Fishburne, who played the iconic character of Morpheus on the “Matrix” trilogy, is worth an estimated $20 million and also stars in and produces ABC’s new hit comedy Black-ish.