Mother of 3 arrested for breaking into a man's apartment and raping him while he slept 

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Friday, a Seattle woman accused of breaking into a man’s apartment and raping him while he slept plead guilty to the attack and will serve nine months in jail.

Mother of 3, Chantae Marie Gilman, 28, is accused of climbing into bed with a 31-year-old man and having intercourse with him while he slept. According to the charges, the alleged victim woke up at 2 a.m to find her on top of him, with his erect penis inside of her. She also had his hands pinned over his head.

When he asked her to get off of him during the attack in June 2013, she refused, telling him “to be quiet.” The man was eventually able to push her off of him. Yet, when he told her to get out of his house, she declined and asked him for a cigarette.

He then claims he dragged her out of his house and threw a cigarette at her before slamming the door shut.

The victim did not know Gilman personally “but recognized her as a drug user in the area” who was friends with a neighbor in his duplex. He had attended the birthday party of their mutual friend earlier that same evening.

Gilman will be sentenced on June 19 and will now be registered as a sex offender. Her plea deal requires her to serve two years probation and stipulates that, upon release from custody, she is forbidden from contacting the victim (who is only identified by his initials, “M.O.,” in court papers) ever again.