(screen capture)

Wednesday evening, a woman who stole a car and led police on a car chase through downtown Los Angeles got out of the vehicle and proceeded to dance while waiting for authorities to take her into custody.

NBC Los Angeles reports that around 10pm, a high speed chase ensued after 25-year-old Kelsey Wood failed to yield to police while driving erratically. During the incident, she ran over two spikes billowed from the blown tires.

That is when video shows the suspect jump out of the driver’s seat and begin to dance around, spinning and throwing her hands in the air, as if nonplussed by her predicament.

She then got back into the vehicle and continued to nod her head until an officer pulled her out, pinned her to the ground and handcuffed her.

She was detained around 10:22p.m. and booked for felony evading and allegedly driving a stolen vehicle.

Given the recent backlash over the Sandra Bland case, some are pointing out that this incident very clearly illustrates the disparity between how people of color are treated during encounters with police versus others in the community.

Check out the footage below.