Atlanta cop releases black man from custody after noticing he’s being filmed by witness

Videos of police arrests have become popular, especially with families seeking justice in cases of alleged brutality, but this time a video may have proactive stopped a miscarriage of justice.

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Videos of police arrests have become popular, especially with families seeking justice in cases of alleged brutality, but this time, a video may have proactive stopped a miscarriage of justice.

Cameron Ford says he began filming what he perceived to to an unlawful arrest. During the incident, the officer appears to look back at Ford, and when realizes that he has been caught on camera, he ceases the arrest.

According to Ford:

This video right here proves why you should ALWAYS FILM THE POLICE. This is the same very officer who trumped up charges on me stemming from an arrest days earlier on Wednesday, October 14th 2015.

I saw the same officer arresting someone else for absolutely nothing. Several people got my attention saying that same cop is arresting a black male for NO REASON, I pulled out my camera and started documenting the arrest by filming from a distance. The Police Sgt,. on the bike (Sgt. Hall) advised the arresting officer, that I was filming, you see the officer look back at me with a sneaky mischievous grin and then you see him unhandcuff the male and release him back into the wild.

In a second clip, you will see the officer Stare me down, like I am going to get payback on you. Again days earlier he trumped up 3 felony charges on me, in a great attempt to have me sitting and rotting in jail for crimes I never committed.

You can check out both clips below.