Congressman says Donald Trump is inspiring attacks against minorities

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Monday evening, Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison said on MSNBC’s All in With Chris Hayes that Donald Trump‘s inflammatory rhetoric against Muslims and non-whites would inevitably lead to violence.

“He’s whipping up hatred to scapegoat a minority religious group, which has some very dangerous historic precedents,” Ellison said. “I mean, it’s the kind of behavior, it’s classic demagoguery, and you know, he’s going to get somebody hurt.”

“You just said, he’s going to get somebody hurt — what do you mean by that?” asked Hayes.

“What I mean is that when leaders who have a national platform whip up hate and hysteria against a particular group — particularly a religious group, a minority religious group that is not popular — invariably, you know, the people who are mentally unstable or motivated by hate come out of the woodwork,” he explained. “You see desecrations of buildings that are associated with that group, you see assaults, you see murders, you see things, things happen.”

Ellison — who is the first Muslim member of Congress — also slammed the GOP frontrunner’s comments about Mexicans.

“I mean, this man is a pretty prolific hater,” he opined. “And he’s just getting worse. He’s capitalizing on people’s fears, pandering to it, so that’s what I mean by he could get people hurt.”

Check out a clip from the segment below.