Sometimes, even Kanye West has to admit he’s wrong.

Following this week’s social media rant against fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa — which resulted in his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose chiming in with the greatest “clapback” of all time — Yeezy is now seeing the error of his ways.

While it is widely accepted that Twitter feuds are commonplace, West very decidedly crossed the line when he wrote comments like, “You let a stripper trap you,” “I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years,” and “You own waves???? I own your child!!!!”

Friday, the father of two tweeted an apology, vowing, “Never speak on kids again” and “all love:”

Khalifa later sent out a tweet that appears to be in response to Ye’s apology:

Currently, West is in the studio with gospel legend Kirk Franklin, Andre 3000, Kid Cudi, and 2 Chainz. Check out sneak peeks below.

Lil part of history #TRU #feltlikecappin

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