When a woman told his wife Meagan Good that she needed to cover up, Rev. DeVon Franklin was not having any of it.

Franklin and Good were at an event promoting their book The Wait when an audience member decided to bring up a beef she had with Good:

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“This is not offensive, but I was at the grocery store and I looked at a newsstand and saw you — and your had your breast showing,” said the woman. “So, so, I wasn’t gonna come here, I wasn’t, but the Lord brought me here to see you. You’re beautiful. You are a beautiful young woman and your testimony is awesome. It’s awesome. Amen. Amen! The Lord let me come and push past the judgement, because you have to make sure what you say and what you do match up, you understand?” the woman said, then adding, “So, we’re gonna cover up, right?

But Franklin wasn’t having it.

TSR STAFF: Debra Oh! @The_Ebony_Issue _____________________________________ Oop! Looks like Kanye West ain’t the only one out here going zero to a hunnid when someone comes for wifey because Reverend Devon Franklin clapped back at a fan when she tried to come for his boo, Meagan Good!! _____________________________________ Yesterday, the couple decided to spend a part of their Valentine’s Day at the popular One Church LA Live’s Valentine’s Day event to promote their book entitled The Wait. Well one woman got up when it was time to ask questions to say, "This is not offensive but I was at the grocery store and I looked at a news stand and I saw you and you had your breast showing — catch the full video and read more at TheShadeRoom.com (link in bio)

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“Wait a minue — no! No. Nuh-unh. That is not what we’re here for. She’s not gonna cover up, she gon’ wear what she wants to wear in the name of Jesus…amen. Amen? Amen. Yes she will! God bless you, we love you, I love you dearly but she has been as Christian as she is right now when she wore whatever she wanted to wear, so no we ain’t doing that!”