Gayle King (Getty Images), and Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry (Instagram).

Gayle King is setting the record straight regarding a report that her BFF Oprah Winfrey is feuding with Tyler Perry.

King turned to Instagram to speak out about a salacious rumor via the DailyMail.

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“Huh? Just reading @Oprah & @tylerperry are angry w/each other & not speaking if that’s true (it”aint”)must have just happened 10 min ago!” King wrote on her Instagram page.

The original article quotes a “source close to the two Hollywood moguls” as saying that the relationship between Winfrey and Perry had become strained because he has ignored her suggestions for his show.

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“When Tyler first brought his shows to OWN in 2012, it was a love affair between the two of them. Oprah was very involved in watching Tyler develop them creatively and they even shot promos together with her as Miss Sophia from The Color Purple and he as Madea. But that relationship has soured in the last six months because Oprah finds Tyler difficult to work with and he doesn’t take constructive criticism well at all,” the source said.

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The source also claimed that the two stars had been so much on the outs that they stopped communicating with each other: “Gone were the days of them having long phone conversations and texting late into the night.”

But if Gayle King is to be believed, the report is nothing but rumors, and Perry and Winfrey are both still friends. Hopefully, she’s right.