Black kids are asking each other out to prom in the most epic ways

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Forget a cute note or a flower left in your locker. These days, kids across the country are asking each other out to prom with elaborate presentations and gifts. Instead of proposals, “PROMposals” are an official way to make sure high school sweethearts say “yes” to being a date for the special occasion.

Even if it’s a bit early for kids to think about marriage (get those degrees, young people!) seeing young folks, especially black youth, expressing healthy affection for each other is alright in our book. We dare you to watch these videos and not feel a little eye moisture start to build up.

In exhibit A, “promposal to the LOML” (love of my life), the young man manages to get the ENTIRE school in on the proposal, with confetti, a full red carpet and roses.  We can’t tell if the best reaction is from his bae or the entire squad of girls and boys on the side squealing.

Exhibit B involves cupcakes, a baker’s hat and hand mitts. Watch how she’s like, “I will hug you first but let me get one of those cupcakes though…”

Exhibit C has HANDMADE T-SHIRTS. Enough said.

In Exhibit D, the prom-asker gets together some signs and friends to surprise the date-to-be. Running and cute hugging ensues. We’re here for all of it.

Good job, kids.