Malik Yoba is seeking ‘Justice By Any Means’ in new TV One series

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Malik Yoba is gracing our TV screens with not one but two television series that are currently in rotation.

We saw his debut on ABC’s Designated Survivor earlier this fall, and he’s back again tonight as the host of TV One’s series, Justice By Any Means. The one-hour re-enactment crime and justice series tells the untold stories of family members and friends whose relentless pursuit of justice resulted in retribution for crimes committed on the victims the law forgot.

For Yoba, an accomplished actor and activist, the series’ theme spoke directly to him

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The real heart of the show is about how common and ordinary people do extraordinary things in the name of social justice,” he told in an interview. “That’s the part that really resonates for me. That it’s just not another crime show talking about some heinous crime, but you see individuals that are willing to, in some cases, put their life on the line for loved ones and even more remarkably for strangers.”

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Justice By Any Means delivers first-person accounts of these brave individuals as they launch their own investigations, immerse themselves in dangerous manhunts and meet face-to-face with the suspected assailants — all in the name of justice.

Acting and community work has always gone hand-in-hand for Yoba, who has established a long track record of both service and activism in communities of color. 

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“It’s all about using your gifts,” Yoba said. “My favorite scripture is, ‘Your gifts make room for you.’ It’s something I tell people all the time. A lot of times people are caught between doing the things they have to do versus following their passion and I’m someone who, at a very young age chose to be of service.”

If you fell in love with Yoba during his time on New York Undercover, don’t get your hopes up for a reboot.

Yoba says simply, “It’s not happening, boo.”

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