Amara La Negra cries over racist remarks about her skin color on ‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’

The breakout Latin star battles sexism and racism in latest episode

The breakout Latin star battles sexism and racism in latest episode

(Photo: VH1)

This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Miami featured several jaw-dropping moments and fans got to know more about the show’s breakout star, Amara La Negra.

The bonafide beauty was brought to tears while recounting a painful conversation with Young Hollywood to her friends.

Amara La Negra linked up with fellow musicians, Veronica Vega and Steph Lecor and filled them in on her ill-fated meeting with the producer who called her a “Nutella Queen” and took jabs at her afro.

Although Amara projects a confident attitude, it’s clear she has been affected by racist remarks like these for most of her life. It was heartbreaking to see what an impact his words had on the brown-skinned bombshell.

Friends or Frenemies?

Later, Veronica and Steph ran into Young Hollywood at a club and decided to take him to task for hurting their friend. He wasn’t too remorseful even after he heard how upset Amara La Negra was, and continued to throw shade. He didn’t really mind her “Afro puff” or “that thing on top of her head,” he said.

Say what, now?

Shockingly, Amara’s “friends” are pretty quick to forgive this clown and Veronica even entertains his romantic advances when he says he would be willing to offer up an apology if it meant he could take Veronica out to dinner. So much for having her girl’s back.

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Later we got to see Amara La Negra at home with her mother who made no secret about her big plans for her daughter. She envisions a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and she’s confident Amara has what it takes to make it to the top of the music world.

Amara is so intent on making her mom proud she doesn’t tell her about the racist BS she has been dealing with.

Amara tears up again, but this time it’s over her desire to give her mom a better life and their bond is super sweet. Like many Latin mothers, Amara’s mom is focused on feeding her daughter food, literally stuffing it in her mouth. Cute.

The 411 On Her Beauty

Although we saw Amara La Negra in her feelings during the episode, she’s not letting the haters get to her in real life.

During a recent interview with Us Weekly, the singer/reality star revealed the truth about her hair.

“My hair is mine. I do have a natural Afro. I embrace it. I love it. I do enhance it by wearing extensions because it’s hard for maintenance to have a perfect Afro 24/7, but I did decide to still rock my ‘fro because it’s the style that I feel that’s closer to representing who I am,” she said.

She also hit back at haters who have accused her of taking melanin pills to darken her complexion.

“I don’t know who started this rumor, but I never knew that I had a different type of black. I never knew that my color was a different type of brown. I just thought that I was black, and then that was it,” she says. “I don’t know what it is that is making people question my skin color. It’s very annoying and aggravating, because it’s not as if I haven’t had to fight all my life to be accepted. Now I have to fight against even more because people are doubting that my skin color is really mine.”

Amara’s clearly ready to step up for the Afo-Latina community.

“Afro-Latinos have existed forever. We’re not a new thing. It just happens to be that we really haven’t had anybody put lights on us. Nobody ever really speaks of us. I’m like, ‘I’m tired of feeling like I’m being ignored, like I don’t exist.’”