Jenifer Lewis’ reaction to H&M scandal at Critics’ Choice Awards is all of us in 2018

Jenifer Lewis was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role on black-ish, but she was much more eager to discuss the viral video interview about mental health she did when we caught up with her on the show’s red carpet in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

“How about those 7.4 million views on the video we did about mental health? I love reading the comments and seeing those trolls. Son of a bi*ch! I want them to call me when their grandchildren don’t have any fuc*%ing air to breathe, OK?”

–Jenifer Lewis on Donald Trump: ‘I know what mental illness is’–

Her hectic schedule kept her from seeing the recent headlines about the H&M hoodie controversy, and Jenifer Lewis was pretty shocked when we filled her in on the details on The Critics’ Choice Awards red carpet on Thursday night.

Check out her priceless reaction.

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She also took time to discuss how important Kenya Barris’ work is today.

“Kenya’s vision is miraculous. You want to talk about an idea whose time has arrived,” she said.

“I want these millennials to know that they can get through the fire. After laying down in front of the police barricades you stand up and stay up and feel it and then keep it moving and resist the forces that would take air to breathe from your children. There’s your quote. Resist in these fuc*%ng streets!“