Tucker Carlson comes for Joy Reid during his show, says her whole career built off ‘race baiting’

The Fox News anchor said that Joy Reid's "entire career" was built off race baiting. And that's not all.

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Tucker Carlson (Video still/Fox News, YouTube) | Joy Reid (Video still/MSNBC, YouTube)

Tucker Carlson tore into MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Monday for saying that he perpetuates a “blatantly white nationalist” standpoint on immigration.

The Fox host started by talking about how Reid had a genealogist on her show that discussed how Carlson’s ancestors came to the US from Switzerland. He stated this was an “irrelevant” fact that had no bearing on immigration policy. He went on to attack Reid for “projecting” by condemning his commentary on racial issues.

“Reid’s entire public career has been built on race-baiting,” Tucker Carlson stated. “Reid can’t explain why this country so badly needs to import millions of additional poor people. Nobody on the left can explain that because there’s no real answer, so they attempt to short-circuit the conversation with slurs.”

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He defended the remarks he has made on his show concerning immigration, saying that the focus should remain on how to help the middle-class. Carlson also said that the political left doesn’t want to debate immigration anymore and that they simply want to call dissenters racist.

“The term has been devalued by reckless overuse, and that’s a shame because it still applies,” Carlson stated. “There’s still plenty of racism in America, maybe more now possibly than in generations…The left supports all of this. It is central to their worldview. It is key to their political strategy, but is totally wrong and we plan to keep saying that.”

Just last week, Fox guest Mark Steyn, who appears on the network on a regular basis, received backlash for his offensive remarks about immigrants. His comments were seen by many as overtly xenophobic and racially insensitive. He has a long history of making racist remarks on the network. Tucker Carlson had him on as his guest when the host had finished his monologue about Joy Reid and her “race baiting.”

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