The second season of the critically acclaimed and award-winning FX series Atlanta is coming up this spring and the network just dropped the trailer.  Fans have waited a long time for the show to return. The last episode of Season 1 aired in November of 2016.

Awards and Acclaim

Donald Glover (writer, producer, director, and star of the show) needed to take an extended break so he could film the latest Star Wars movie where he plays Lando. In between filming scenes for the big screen, he found time to snag numerous awards for the show, including two Emmys and two Golden Globes. He even won a Grammy for his song “Redbone.”

While Atlanta was on a break, Lakeith Stanfield (who plays fan favorite Darius) co-starred in Jordan Peele’s breakout hit film Get Out. He also co-starred in Jay-Z‘s video for the song “Moonlight” from the rapper’s vulnerable and mature 4:44 album. Bryan Tyree Henry (aka Paper Boi) had a memorable role in the tear-jerking “Memphis” episode of NBC’s This is Us.

Updated Storylines

The trailer picks up where Season 1 left off. We find Earn (Donald Glover) sleeping in a storage unit. This season, which Glover calls “Robbin’ Season,” will feature updates on the lives of fan favorites. Earn’s cousin Paper Boi looks to be still selling drugs in addition to being a rapper. The mother of Earn’s daughter, Van (Zazie Beetz), lost her teaching job in Season 1 in an unfortunate misunderstanding about a drug test and it looks like she is now employed by a job that requires her to wear an “interesting” uniform.

Looks like strip clubs, the studio, and of course Paper Boi’s couch are prominent settings for the new season, and as always, Van is supportive of Earn. Where does Earn actually live? Will Van find a decent new job? Will Paper Boi’s rap career pick up steam again?

These are all questions looming into Season 2, which debuts March 1.

Check out the trailer!