R. Kelly evicted from ‘abandoned’ Georgia home

He allegedly owes for unpaid rent, damages to the house and additional late fees.

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The Georgia home where R. Kelly allegedly kept several women in a supposed sex cult has been hit with an eviction notice.

The eviction notice was filed on Tuesday, February 13 for the home, which is located in the Johns Creek neighborhood in Duluth, Georgia. The eviction was reportedly filed by the home’s owner for unpaid rent and late fees, according to the Daily Mail.


Kelly, 51, was supposed to pay $11,542.45 per month, but the Daily Mail reported that he had $23,084.90 in unpaid rent and $2,308.49 in late fees stacked up against him.

Even more, when the eviction notice was served, the home reportedly appeared to be abandoned.

The owner is now reportedly looking to file criminal charges over damages done to the property. After several break-ins last year, Kelly is waiting for his insurance pay out; except now the home’s owner wants that money that money Kelly might receive until things are resolved.

Kelly isn’t doing so well

The Daily Mail reported that a spokesperson for Kelly blamed his most recent financial hard times on bad press the singer received because of the reported sex cult he has been running.

Kelly was accused of holding several young women against their will and even brainwashing them as part of a cult in which he reportedly trained them on how to please him sexually.

Kelly has denied these accusations and promised to come after his accusers for wrecking his reputation.


In addition to the sex cult accusations, Kelly has been hit with these strange burglaries at two of his homes. In December, he took to Instagram with footage of the aftermath of the break-ins, showing the stripped rooms and damage done by the burglars while he was on tour in New Orleans.

A maid reportedly called the police when she arrived to do some cleaning and found the aftermath. A neighbor also reported having seen people loading things into vehicles from the house.

The burglaries are currently being investigated.