Millennial Trump supporters can’t get dates so they want you to feel sorry for them

Donald Trump supporters are big mad that nobody wants to mingle with single conservatives in Washington.

Apparently they feel like their dating lives have suffered since the controversial 2016 presidential election pitting Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton.

Cry me a river?

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In a new report from the Washingtonian, a group of millennials spoke out about their dating problems, saying that once someone finds out they’ve done work on the Trump campaign, it’s a wrap.

“A lot of times you’ll connect with someone [on an app] and they’ll Google you, find out you worked for Trump’s campaign, and then it’s pretty much all downhill from there,” a Trump Administration official said.

Or maybe their dating game is just weak?

According to the report, many of the unpleasant meet-ups between conservatives and liberal voters first blossomed on dating apps like Bumble or, “the Harvard of dating apps,” the League.

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The conservatives also told Washingtonian that liberals can’t seem to decipher between those who wear Donald Trump’s MAGA hats and Never Trump-ers. The Democrats quoted in the piece, though, asserted that they’re well aware of the differences.

“If you’re dating someone and they say ‘I think we should have lower marginal tax rates,’ that’s different than dating someone who doesn’t think a woman should have a right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy,” a single woman at a progressive nonprofit told Washingtonian.


According to the report, young progressives don’t enjoy themselves on dates with climate-change deniers, and young conservatives don’t seem to like when their liberal dates get up and leave halfway through the evening—therefore, making dating across party lines miserable.


Looks like it’s hard out there for a Trumper!