Custody battle between Nas and Kelis heats up and things do not look pretty

Now their lawyers are going at it as well.

Not only is it getting nasty between the two, but their legal representatives are now making even more personal.

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Back in December, it was reported that Nas is fighting for his paternal rights to visit his son, Knight with Kelis on a more official schedule.

Now, TMZ is reporting that it’s not only getting nasty between the two, but their legal representatives are now making even more personal.

TMZ claims that in transcriptions from a deposition Kelis recently gave, she accused Nas’ attorney of calling her lawyer a “fattie” and a “d*ck.”

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Navid Moshtael, Kelis’ attorney, reportedly said on record that he’s accustomed to being called names, although not with an “experienced attorney,” and certainly not on the record, in front of clients.   44, is reportedly

TMZ reports that the heated exchange between the two parties is only adding fuel to the fire as Kelis vows to do all she can to be sure that both Nas and his lawyer pay for their offenses.

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Custody battle 

If you recall, this whole incident began when, according to documents, Nas claimed that despite trying to “work cooperatively with Kelis over the years,” she only “allows him to exercise his custody with their son when she deems it convenient for her.”

He also claimed that Kelis would go months at a time where she would “refuse to set up time for our son and me to spend time together.”

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Nas is now requesting that an official schedule be set for their co-parenting. He wants to be able to see his son every first, third, and fifth weekend of the month. He also proposed that Kelis have Knight for Mother’s Day; he would like to have him for Father’s Day. The schedule also proposes that the two of them spend their birthdays with their son.

In addition to Nas’ claims of not receiving a fair share of time with his son, Kelis has also requested more child support, stating that the current $8,000/month is not enough.

Both Nas and Kelis have seemingly moved on since their 2009 split, although the two are forever linked by their 8-year-old son.