100 protestors demand answers in fatal police shooting of Decynthia Clements

The DailyHerald reports that more than 100 friends, family, activists, and community members gather on Sunday to protest the lack of information they’ve received following the questionable police shooting of 34-year-old Decynthia Clements.

“The intention for today was for everyone to get to know each other,” said Demetrius Smith, Clements’ cousin who has been protesting at the station since last Tuesday. “We’re hoping to … finally clarify what happened that night. That’s what my whole entire family wants.”

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Decynthia Clements was reportedly stopped by police on Sunday March 11, after their second attempt to stop her on Interstate 90, according to police. Officials say she refused to leave her vehicle after police demanded she exit. They said she instead pulled out a knife and then somehow a fire broke out inside her SUV. Police claim they had no choice but to forcefully remove her, but in the midst of exiting the car, she was shot.

Clements died of multiple gunshot wounds, as reported by authorities.

Police officer, Christian Jensen has been placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation by the Illinois State Police.

Activists are now demanding to see the videos recorded on police body camera and squad cars. The footage is anticipated to be released this week, once the investigators have completed their interviews with involved officers.

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Police Chief Jeff Swoboda has reportedly been working incredibly closely with the victim’s family and the community, and has stated that he, too, is seeking answers.

“We’ll get through this as a community, and we’ll get the answers that everyone’s looking for,” he told DailyHerald.

The call for answers

Elgin Police Chief Swoboda attempted to answer as many of the residents’ questions about the fatal police shooting of Decynthia Clements as he could and said he’s reviewing the body camera footage to find answers. Still many residents were left reeling.

Resident Eric Rubin says he want’s people to reserve judgment about the shooting.

“People are jumping to conclusions on social media,” Rubin said. “I don’t know what happened. No one does.”

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Resident Corey Battles took up the offer to talk with the Chief Swoboda to share his concerns.

“It should have been non-lethal—rubber bullets or a long stick,” rather than a gun, he said.

He sympathizes with the rough job policers officers have but admits, “There are bad apples at every job. Weeding them out, that is the problem,” he said.