Judge rules road rage trial of man who shot Black teen in the head can move forward

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Bianca Roberson was a beautiful and bright young woman who was looking forward to heading off to attend Jacksonville University.

But her dreams were cut short last summer when police say a man shot the 18-year-old high school graduate in a fit of deadly road rage.

Police told NBC 10 that Bianca Roberson was driving just outside Philadephia when she tried to merge into a lane that a red pickup was also trying to merge into. Both cars had reached part of the highway where two lanes merged into one when the driver of the pickup took out a gun and shot Roberson in the head.

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Bianca Roberson was killed instantly. Her car went off the road and crashed in the woods, while the driver of the pickup kept fled the scene.

A three-day manhunt finally resulted in the capture of David DesperAuthorities seized his truck, where gunshot residue was found, rounds, a magazine and a holster. His Smith & Wesson .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun was confiscated from his bedroom.

Heading to trial

David Desper returned to a West Chester courtroom on Thursday for a hearing to determine whether the case against him should proceed to trial.

According to Philly.com, prosecutors called two West Goshen Township police officers to the witness stand. 

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After hearing the testimonies and arguments, Judge Ann Marie Wheatcraft decided the case would go to trial on May 21, 2018 and that David Dresper would face charges of first degree murder.

“That’s what we wanted,” said Bianca’s dad Rodney Roberson to TheGrio. “If they would have went third degree he would have been able to walk after a certain time served but with first degree it will be either life or death!”