3 reasons you need Tamron Hall to be your life coach

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Tamron Hall speaks out about marriage. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Tamron Hall is life goals for many reasons. As a well respected journalist she has reported the news of the day with intelligence, compassion and integrity—all while maintaining a beautiful smile. 

But the award-winning journalist shocked the world when she announced that she would be walking away from her coveted role with the Today Show and MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall.

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Now Tamron Hall hosting is hosting Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall and speaking out about her journey and dropping pearls of wisdom that we could all benefit from hearing.

Black Enterprise reports that Hall recently spoke at Old Dominion University and shared some inspiring words with the audience.

On feeling appreciated:

“I knew I had worked hard. I would do the Today show for three hours, 45 minutes in between, go to MSNBC, and every weekend I’d tape Deadline Crime,” Hall told the crowd. “I don’t begrudge anyone for taking a job offered to them. That’s not my journey. For me, [it’s] a universal feeling: We all want to feel appreciated—at work, in our lives, in relationships—and so that’s just what I felt. I didn’t have a chip on my shoulder. There were reports that I abruptly left, and that’s a lie.”

On being “unapologetically black” and not backing down to internet trolls:

“It should never bother someone that you are unapologetically who you are,” said Hall. “I am unapologetically Texan, Southern, a black woman—I come from my culture, but I am inclusive.

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On not giving up:

“My spirituality means the world to me, but God is not going to help me unless I help myself. Having that fearless energy going in and shaking hands, meeting people and asking for the job. When you don’t get it, ask again, and again because no is nothing. No is a yes waiting,” she said.