As student protests against gun violence swept the nation yesterday and kids marched in favor of common sense gun laws, armed white men led their own counter-protests all while armed with the same guns that have been used in countless mass shootings.

Gun-toting Trump supporters in Make America Great Again hats made appearances at many of the rallies carrying both AR-15s and sidearms in an effort that they called March For Our Guns.

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A quick search of social media shows many images of heavily armed white men—some in military-style vehicles with mounted machine guns—showing up at rallies in an effort to intimidate today’s youth.

There was no violence, and none of the speakers were intimidated by these men who were doing their cause no justice at all.

One man in Austin, Texas came to a protest with a gun, a Gadsden flag and wearing ear protection in order to avoid hearing what the protesters had to say about gun violence.

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In Fort Worth, Texas police had to surround a counter-protester who was using a megaphone to taunt the children who were marching for the right to go to school without the risk of being shot to death on campus.

These armed and angry men appeared at many of the rallies across the nation, including Boston, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Utah, Pennsylvania and El Paso.

The March For Our Guns counter-protesters set up a website that detailed what they wanted to accomplish yesterday. They claimed that the “movement” was created by those “who will no longer risk the leftist agenda of seizing the opportunity to diminish our abilities to keep and bear arms.”

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“Politicians are correct in telling us that now is not the time to talk about guns,” wrote the organizers. “March For Our Guns is in 100% agreement. Alarmist leftist rhetoric should not take the guns from law-abiding youth that use the firearms to hunt and provide for their families.”

Joey Chester, 18, was slated to speak at the pro-gun rights rally told NPR that they were expecting 500 people at their main event. “I think it’s going to be a pretty big crowd,” he added.