EXCLUSIVE: Stevie J on child support, reuniting with Joseline and bonding with his kids on ‘Leave It To Stevie’

Season 2 returned tonight on Vh1.

After starring on seven seasons of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, the womanizing producer is showing off his softer side on season 2 of his family-focused reality show, Leave It To Stevie.

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Son Stevie Jordan, Jr., Stevie J and his daughter, Savannah (Courtesy of Instagram)

Steve Aaron Jordan, better known as Stevie J, is a controversial character to say the least.

After starring on seven seasons of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, the womanizing producer is showing off his softer side on season 2 of his family-focused reality show, Leave It To Stevie.

While fans are used to watching him sidestep issues between his ex, Mimi Faust, his other ex, Joseline Hernandez, and a plethora of other women on LHHA, Stevie J insists Leave It To Stevie will show the world that he’s more than a serial bachelor.

The series follows the music producer and his life as a father to six children, including his youngest, Bonnie Bella whom he shares custody with Hernandez. While we have all witnessed tons of drama between Stevie J and the Puerto Rican Princess, it seems the pair are on better terms these days.

“Bonnie Bella is 17 months now. She’s running around and babbling. She’s beautiful,” he told TheGrio in an exclusive interview. When it comes to Joseline, he says she’s a great mom and something tells us there may still be a bit of love still lurking between them.

“I think Joseline is the most beautiful woman God ever made. You never know what the future holds. We have a beautiful daughter and I’m proud of the mother that Joseline is. She’s doing a great job.”

Stevie J also pointed out that his ex was the first Afro-Latina to star on Love & Hip Hop, despite the peculiar sense of shock at the introduction of Love & Hip Hop Miami’s, Amara La Negra.

“I love Amara La Negra. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. Joseline is an Afro-Latina. They have a stereotypical way they want Latinas to look,” he says. “People need to let others be the best people they can be and stop trying to change everyone. Just live your best life. I would tell Amara not to worry about her naysayers.”

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Forget about the haters

Not worrying about naysayers seems to be the norm for Stevie, who is currently facing prison time for failing to pay $1.3 million child support. According to reports, he’s expected to turn himself in on April 10, but Stevie J doesn’t seem too concerned about the looming threat of time behind bars.

“We’re still negotiating that. We are still filming right now. We are gonna take it all as it comes and be optimistic. My kids all know I love them and we are best buddies and we have to go through formalities in life. Once you go through things it just makes you a better person. Sometimes you make a wrong turn and you have to rise out of the situation and thats what we are doing,” he says of the current controversy.

“I live my life knowing that I stand for something great and I respect others and respect my family I can’t really be concerned about any of the white noise. If I’m worried about what people are saying then I’m not focused on my destiny so I just block it out and push forward and keep working hard.”

Stevie J is currently back in the studio and is currently producing several projects.

“I’m in the studio six days a week. It feels great. I just finished a duet with Faith Evans and just finished Scrappy’s album and Kelly Price’s album. I’m working on my new artist and my son Dorian’s project as well,” he explains. “I’m really loving music again and I love being in the gym and I’m focused on my Danger Zone Sports nutrition products. I’m really loving life right now.”

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Keeping it PG

Aside from focusing on his fitness and the music game, Stevie J remains committed to his sobriety. The reality star let cameras capture his journey to rehab and he says his family is the driving force behind staying clean.

“I chose to be open about that because you never know who is dealing with something. Everyone deals with something whether it’s drug addiction or alcoholism or sex addiction,” he says. “Whatever it is, no one is perfect. It can happen to the best of us. My kids and my family and being back in the studio and executive producing this show are all things that help keep me focused on my recovery.”

Despite his best intentions, it seems Stevie’s antics are annoying to some of his children, as you can see from the clip, below. When asked how he thinks his treatment of women affects his own daughters, Stevie J is confident that he’s not sending them the wrong message.

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“Me and my daughters have a wonderful relationship. Sometimes my oldest daughter and I bump heads but for the most part, we have a great relationship and they understand how to deal with men through me. I’m always 1,000% honest with them. I don’t think I’m gonna have a problem with them dealing with these dudes because I treat them like they are A-1,” he says.

“They’ve learned a lot from me. I tell them to choose their friends wisely because friends will fry you in the end. I always allow them to be their best but always encourage them to keep their eyes open to the realities of this harsh world.”

Check out the clip:

Leave It To Stevie returns for Season 2 tonight at 9:30p.m. on Vh1.