Amara La Negra on wanting a smaller butt, repping Afro-Latinas and loving her afro

The 'Love & Hip Hop Miami' star just dropped a her first official single, "Insecure."

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra has been causing a commotion ever since she burst onto the scene as a star of Love & Hip Hop:Miami.

Now, the gorgeous singer is opening up about her hair, her body image, and her Afro-Latina heritage in a recent interview with Latina.

The brown-skinned beauty raised eyebrows when she hit the small screen with an Afro and cried over comments from her moronic costar, Young Hollywood, who insisted she should change her look if she wanted to make it in the music industry.

Now, she’s explaining why she continues to rock her fabulous ‘fro.

“I think people are confused by why I rock my hair the way I do. But it isn’t about hair. It’s about the moral of the story, you know? Hair is nothing, I could go bald tomorrow. I’m still gonna be Amara La Negra. It’s more about feeling comfortable in your own skin, with your body, your hair,” she told Latina.

The curvy cutie also revealed that she struggled with body image issues as a child.
“I wanted a smaller butt. I was upset that I had hips. Why can’t I have long, skinny legs? Even when I was little, I was naturally curvy, that’s just in my DNA, but I wanted to be like the Victoria’s Secret models,” she said. “It takes time to finally accept yourself.”’

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When it comes to the crazy comments people made about her claiming her Afro-Latina roots, Amara La Negra has decided to chock it up to ignorance and had made a point to inform the masses about a very real fact.

“I need to educate those that don’t know instead of getting upset, you know? So many people have no idea that there are Latin countries with people that look like me,” she said. “We’ve been put in the shadows for so many years, and nobody has really spoken about the Afro-Latino community in Colombia or Honduras.”

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Despite having to defend herself from her one list of haters, La Negra has been hard at work prepping music for her upcoming album. She dropped her first official single, “Insecure,” from the currently untitled project this week.

Check it out below: