Monday, news broke that the biggest Black Lives Matter page on Facebook is fake.

This week Facebook also launched a new tool that lets users check whether their data was harvested during the Cambridge Analytica data scandal; a breach that has affected approximately 87 million users, mainly in the United States.

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As Russian hackers attack and stories about cyber terrorism continue to make headlines, we thought it best to compile this handy list of things you need to stop sharing on social media – RIGHT NOW!

Much of this is common sense, but you may find yourself identifying some surprising blind spots as well.

1Political tirades that could get you fired

Ask yourself, could this get me fired? (Courtesy of Fotolia)

How many times have we seen stories about store clerks, civil servants, teachers, cops, and otherwise normal members of society who become viral sensations for going on emotional (and high-key bigoted) tirades on social media?

We laugh at these people and call them stupid, but often turn around and post similar tirades of our own without sensing the hypocrisy.

Next time you want to go off about politics, ask yourself this simple question: “Could this get me fired?”

If the answer is yes, call a friend and share the vent with them – minus the paper trail.