It doesn’t look like Wendy Williams is in the hot seat anymore after a $1 million harassment lawsuit against the talk show host was dismissed.

Of all people, Tokyo Toni, mom of Blac Chyna and grandmother of Dream Kardashian, filed a $1 million lawsuit against talk show host, but it was thrown out after she failed to serve her the papers.

Toni, whose real name is Shalana Jones-Hunter, was suing Williams for defamation of character, harassment and slander, saying Williams’ constant criticism of caused her “stress and depression,” Page Six reports.

“I am highly depressed and my blood pressure is up,” she claimed in the lawsuit.

Toni’s lawsuit went nowhere fast since it was never actually served to Williams.

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Apparently, Toni didn’t have the coins to secure an attorney since she filed the lawsuit herself – and it was handwritten. The judge told Toni that he would throw the harassment lawsuit out if Williams wasn’t served.

Toni claims that Williams’ constant on-air badgering of her has caused her to lose sleep and has affected some of her relationships. In the suit, Toni said she had to quit her job as an Uber and Lyft driver because of the stress she endured. She claims Williams caused her a “lifetime of pain and suffering,” because of the “lies” lodged against her.

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Williams didn’t show up to the court hearing either.

Chyna has had a rocky relationship with her mom and Toni has publicly said that she doesn’t have the cash her daughter has and took shots at her wealth on social media.

A spokesman for Williams, Ronn Torossian, said he was happy with the outcome.

“We are very satisfied justice has prevailed and this lawsuit was rightfully thrown out.”