No, Michelle Wolf isn’t Black, but after her savage takedown at White House Correspondents’ Dinner, we’ll trade Kanye for her in the racial draft

Cousin Michelle!

Despite having killer curls and being attacked online by angry white women (two things closely associated with Black womanhood), Michelle Wolf is not Black.

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Despite having killer curls and being attacked online by angry white women (two things closely associated with Black womanhood), Michelle Wolf is not Black.

Any time Wolf does something that raises her national profile, this topic seeps back up into public discourse.

Wolf’s name is in headlines today because she told a bunch of truth at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and people (especially white women) got all in their feelings. The White House Correspondent’s Association went so far as to issue a statement condemning Wolf’s speech.

Folks were BIG mad, claiming that Wolf criticized Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about her looks. (Spoiler Alert: She didn’t.)

The real issue was of course not about Wolf mentioning eyeshadow, hit dogs hollered because Wolf called out the hypocrisy and cowardice of Trump’s wealthy supporters. And seriously, we’re talking about a president who mocked a disabled man on national television and who admitted to grabbing women by the crotch without their permission.

But this eyeshadow thing is a clutch your pearls situation, right?

Wolf is exactly right. She’s using her profile to highlight important issues and put focus on the actions and policies of an administration that has had a negative impact on the rights of Black people, women of all races, the LGBT community, poor people, and immigrants. Not to mention, his steamroller approach to the environment puts important natural resources at risk.

Imagine a celebrity with a notable platform using said platform to put a spotlight on a dangerous administration. It’s pretty much the opposite of what Kanye West has been doing as of late.

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Kanye’s bromance with Trump is disturbing and his MAGA meltdown on Twitter last week, left lots of people wondering if Ye is too far gone to defend anymore.

Not sure what Kanye has going on in his head, but in the meantime, tell Dave Chappelle we’ll swap Kanye for Michelle Wolf in the next racial draft.

Michelle Wolf is No Rachel Dolezal

Wolf has  talked about her racially ambiguous look before on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

After noting that Wolf gets mistaken for Black all the time and that she has written for Black folks like Chris Rock, Noah asked Wolf if she’s ever thought about pulling a Dolezal and just let people think she’s Black.

“No, I don’t,” answered Wolf.” This is something I wish more white people would understand: Black isn’t just some club we could join. The same way that Black people can’t just choose to not be Black. I know I’m white. You know how I know I’m white? I can cry myself out of a parking ticket. I can cry myself out of a murder charge.”

While some on social media are calling for Wolf to take a DNA test, Wolf for her part is comfortable in her role as an ally.