Black Twitter dispatches search team to the sunken place to find Kanye West

Experts are looking at blueprints of the Kardashian compound.

Donald Trump Kanye
Unknown artist.


Kanye West has been Kanye-ing on Twitter these past few days and people aren’t quite sure what to make of it. From eyebrow raising faux-deep pontifications about life to full on foolery like this picture of Kanye wearing a MAGA hat, Ye has Black Twitter a tad concerned.

Donald Trump may like this latest iteration of the Kanye spazz-out, but his fans are not on that wave. People noticed a drop of about 9 million Twitter followers after Ye posted the MAGA hat pic, but Twitter has confirmed that he didn’t actually lose 9 million followers. It was a glitch on their end that has now been resolved.

But still, as he racks up co-signs from right wingers like Alex Jones, the number of people in his core fan base seems to be taking a hit.

Of course the fact that he also recently announced a slew of new projects makes some people think this is a giant publicity stunt. Kanye has never been shy about toying with the media and he married into a family that has built an actual fortune off the smoke and mirrors of social media and savvy PR maneuvers with a loose relationship to morals and ethics.

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Maybe this is a publicity stunt, but of a different variety. What if Kanye West is actually doing extended performance art? What if his upcoming album will be called Back from the Sunken Place or F Donald Trump or something like that and filled with Black creative genius?

Dah, well. Probably not, but a girl can dream. In the meantime, Twitter has been having a field day with Ye’s professions of love for his “brother” Donald Trump.