Stacey Dash defends Kanye’s Trump tweets, sealing his fate as a deplorable



Donald Trump’s bff Stacey Dash says in a new op-ed that Kanye West shouldn’t apologize for his Trump supporting comments.

Uh, we disagree.

The Clueless star and former political candidate made it all about herself, saying that she can relate because people attacked her when she jumped ship from supporting Barack Obama to backing Mitt Romney.

“I didn’t expect it when the Democrats swung into full attack mode, calling me names like “coon” and “Oreo” for not supporting Obama,” she said.

But where’s the lie?

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She continues saying she “lost faith in (Obama) after seeing little to no change for black people in general, but especially those at the bottom of the economic spectrum.”

Dash took to Americanewshub to offer her support that nobody asked for after Kanye West went full throttle posting his support for Trump, and wearing a MAGA hat and received swift backlash on social media, even by celebrity friends.

In another attention-seeking attempt, Dash cried out in her online tirade about how she was blackballed; about how she got heavy criticism and Hillary Clinton didn’t and how her career was hurt for not “shucking and jiving” and supporting a Democrat.

“Even having an opinion that differs with mainstream Democrats is an invitation for abuse. After being smeared for supporting Romney, I said what Kanye just said recently, that Black people are entitled to their own opinions.”

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Stacey Dash then applauded Kanye.

“Good for Kanye West for standing up to these people. They don’t deserve a blank check, and the days of us writing them one during each election year are coming to a close. We are not victims or unworthy of our own opinions. We are individuals,” she wrote.

“I am no one’s victim, and I never will be. I am off the plantation. I’m glad to see Kanye West stand up for himself,”” she continued.

“So here’s the question: who’s the real “Uncle Tom”?

Answer: still you, Stacey Dash. Still you.